Ships Agency

Galaxy Shipping Agency services vessels at all Ports and Anchorages in the United Arab Emirates.

Our Offices are located in Dubai , Fujairah and at Khorfakkan.

From here, our Staff can also attend vessels at Port Rashid, Dubai Drydocks, Jebel Ali Port, Sharjah Port, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Khorfakkan and Kalba Anchorage.

Berthing and Sailing arrangements and procedures are handled very efficiently, without any delay to the vessel.

Contacts with shippers and/or Receivers locally, Stevedoring, Cargo Operations Supervision and Documentation, are carried out with precision and reliability.

Co-ordination of Provisioning, Deliveries of supplies and Bunkering, is done round the clock.

Offshore Ship Services

Galaxy Shipping Agency provides round the clock – 365 days a year – Launch Service to vessels Offshore and Fresh Water Supply by Barge.

Rendezvous positions offshore for passing vessels (Off port limits Mina Saqr) can be arranged, to avoid deviation and delays.

Our own Launches are large, fast and reliable, with experienced crew.

Crew changes, Delivery of Ship Spares and CTM, will be effected on time. Co-ordination of Supplies Delivery, De-slopping, Bunkering, Fresh Water Supply, boarding and/or disembarking of Surveyors and Technicians, is done with accuracy and utmost care.

We always endeavour to minimize the number of Launch Trips, saving expenses for the Owners and Time for the vessels.

Ship Spare Parts Clearing and Forwarding

Galaxy Shipping Agency Staff are specialists in Clearing Ship Spares in Transit and delivering to the vessels.

Dubai Airport is very well organized and although regulations to exist, Dubai Customs try to keep the clearance time to a minimum.

As a result, it all depends on the Shipping Agent, clearing the Spares.

We can practically guarantee delivery of Urgent Ship Spares at any Port or Anchorage in the United Arab Emirates, within Twelve to Fourteen Hours from landing of the Flight. For the fastest delivery time, we recommend shipments to be sent using Emirates Airlines, which have the option of Express Clearance available.

Technical Support Services

Galaxy Shipping Agency Management and Staff specialise in attendance of vessels requiring repairs of any kind, or drydocking.

Dubai – and Fujairah – have developed a Shipping Industry infrastructure easily comparing to that of Rotterdam, Singapore and Piraeus.

With Dubai Drydocks at the top of the List, all kinds of repairers exist in this area. And Repair Berths in the Ports for Afloat Repairs are usually available, for all sizes of vessels.

Hull, Machinery, Navigation and Communications equipment of Ships can be repaired by a largely specialised work force.

We can either make all the arrangements for the repairs, or, simply, bring Shipowners and/or Shipmanagers in contact with Repairers, suitable for the kind of repairs their vessels may require.

Underwater Hull Cleaning & Diving Services

Fuel consumption and sailing time can be reduced by regular and thorough Underwater Hull Cleaning of Vessels.

Sometimes underwater repairs are required by vessels, anchors and anchor chains can be fouled-up and even lost…

Galaxy Shipping Agency has always fast solutions for such problems: We can either organize everything quickly, or, simply, advise the Owners as to who can do the job in this area.

Slops Disposal

Global environmental concerns have helped introduce stiff regulations related to slops disposal from vessels.

Engine Room Oily Water as well as Slops from Tankers can be disposed through Authorised Companies in Dubai Ports and at Fujairah Anchorage.

Galaxy Shipping Agency can make all arrangements – and documentation when required – for De-slopping of vessels, without delays.

Communications & Information

The United Arab Emirates enjoy state of the art Technology, when it comes to Communications

And Galaxy Shipping Agency Offices are equipped with Telephone, Fax, E-Mail and VHF facilities, operating round the clock.

Our Principals and their Vessels have access to us at all times.

-Not only for actual services they may require…

Information is a must in the planning of efficient Shipping Operations.

We are only a phone call away.